AmpliVision is one of my favorite apps. I cannot read anything without my cheaters (reading glasses). And sadly, even then sometimes I still have to get a magnifying glass. If you aren’t there yet, don’t make fun of me, it will happen to you eventually.

So the app works just like a magnifying glass except it has a zoom button AND a light, so I can really see before I make some tragic mistake.

From the developer:

Over forty? Have trouble reading small print? Forgot your reading glasses? AmpliVision is here to help. It instantly turns your device into a powerful electronic lighted magnifier.

* Universal application which works on camera equipped iPhone/iPod and iPad.
* Simple not cluttered UI
* Easy operation with one hand
* Support for front and back camera
* Bright LED lighting (Available only on devices with camera flash)
* Lock feature. Instantly freeze a sharp magnified image to easily zooming and examine finest detail
* Save and share images made within AmpliVision

Powerful features, simple design and ease of operation make AmpliVision an indispensable tool in many situations and for every walk of life and just for tiny fraction of cost of the real device. Just think of what you could do with it:

* Read small print on medicine bottles
* Get to hard reaching places to snap bar codes or serial numbers
* Check on your make up or teeth condition
* Read restaurant menu in the dark light

If you wear reading glasses, you need the app. And if you have a parent or grandparent who wears reading glasses, get them the app. And wait your turn.