Recently I got the ingenious idea to put some of my liquid beauty cleansers into these great pump dispensers. If you’ve ever gotten a manicure, you see your nail tech using this type container with a cotton ball to remove your polish. So I purchased three different ones, one for my eye makeup remover, one for my Dickinson’s Toner, and one for baby oil, for those stubborn days when my eye makeup remover just refuses to budge. (FYI, do not put baby oil in bottle or dispenser directly on marble, I learned my lesson years ago to always have something under it). I purchased different ones so I wouldn’t confuse the three. It now takes up a lot less room on my counter, I don’t seem to waste any product, and I’m not mixing my makeup back into the product. Some days I really impress myself!

If you have a Sally’s Beauty Supply close by, you can purchase there, because they have several different types so none look alike. They range in price from $3 each to $10, anywhere you find them.