Recently my little kindergarten buddy, Reid, came over for a visit. I used the opportunity to find an app he might like to play while he was here. I searched and downloaded the Rocket Speller app. He COULD NOT stop playing it. It got to the point where his parents were getting a little irritated that he didn’t want to leave until he made sure they put the app on their devices!

Rocket Speller is a terrific kid app that makes it fun to learn to spell. Instead of just playing a game, it’s a learning tool for the little kiddos.

From the developer:

Kids join Zip the alien on an out-of-this-world spelling adventure to build a fancy new rocket. Now with 5 levels of difficulty, kids spell words to fuel his spaceship and help him choose the rocket pieces he needs. Once they have built their custom rocket ship, kids steer it through space to collect stars in an entertaining mini-game.


1: 3-6 letter words. Place letters in any order. Audible and visual hints.
2: 3-10 letter words. Order required. Audible and visual hints.
3: 3-4 letter words. Order required. Audible hints. Adaptive assistance.
4: 5-6 letter words. Correct order required. Adaptive assistance only.
5: 7-10 letter words. Correct order required. Adaptive assistance only.

“What are audible hints?”
Players can touch a letter to hear its name or sound.

“What are visual hints?”
In the early levels (1 & 2), players see where specific letters should be placed.

“What is Adaptive Assistance?”
Smart technology that recognizes when a player is struggling and assistance is provided.

– Learn to spell words in a way that is fun, interactive and promotes self-initiated skill progression
– Develop awareness of how letters combine to form words
– Develop awareness of left to right order
– Promote letter recognition
– Reinforce knowledge of letter names
– Enhance vocabulary

– Kid-friendly interface
– Balances skill development with play, making learning fun
– 5 levels of difficulty engage children at different stages of development
– 140 simple and complex words to enhance vocabulary
– Words are different every time you play
– Choose upper or lower-case letters
– Hundreds of possible rocket combinations
– Interactive alien (touch Zip on the spelling pages and see what he does!)
– High quality production standards