If you are like me, you are making much more purchases with online bill pay and debit cards. When I order my box of bank checks, it comes with one check register, which was never enough. I would always ask for a free check register when making a bank deposit, but now with bank deposit apps, and direct deposit paycheck services, I rarely go to the bank.

Recently, I was completely out of check registers and decided to look on amazon.com for one, and found this great Check and Debit Card Register for $7.00.  It comes in your choice of five colors, 50 double size pages (so 100 pages), with 26 lines per page. I love it. It makes me feel like a junior accountant. Plus I love the idea of no more of those registers filling up my file cabinet!

Plenty of room for entries; measures 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ tall; and spiral bound so it will lie flat.

I am one happy camper! It’s the little things. . .