Previously, I told you about New Trent External Battery Charger.  I still use it and love it, but I had to bump it up a notch when I purchased my iPad last year, so I got the New Trent Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger. This allows me to charge the iPad, which the original one does not, and also allows me to charge both the iPad and the iPhone at the same time. Or two smartphones if I want to be nice and share with my husband or a friend.

Over the holidays at my house, my guests made full use of my two six feet cords that plug into wall chargers, and both of my Trent external chargers. I’m just the best hostess. Ever.

FYI, when I originally posted about the New Trent External Charger in March of 2012, the price for the dual charger was $70. It is now $40! Most things go up in price, but I sure love it when they go down!

From the developer:

The iCarrier packs an impressive 12, 000mAh of power and has a hefty life span of around 500 charge cycles. Charging your phones and tablets faster than any other brands of external battery.

The iCarrier can take a bashing. With its sturdy build, fingerprint-resistant black matte finish, and simple yet portable design, this models of portable battery is a force to be reckon with.

The iCarrier boast a -2.1A and 1A- charge port to charge two devices simultaneously. New Trent engineers meticulously designed the iCarrier to ensure high performance during dual charging – this means no increase charge time when charging two devices. Now that’s efficiency!

The iCarrier is compatible with most Apple, Android and Windows Smartphone’s and 5V Tablet, goPro, GPS, portable game consoles, etc…
* For Apple devices, please use the original Apple Lightning or 30-pin cables.
**Some phone/tablet/devices may require a special converter cable to be compatible