This is a great site (and there’s an app for it too) where they have outstanding daily deals. Did you hear me say OUTSTANDING? has great deals on tablets, home goods, jewelry, and electronics, just to name a few. I first heard of it when my friend Debbie send me an adorable cubic zirconia bracelet that she purchased for $10. She also told me she has ordered bedding for herself personally and thought it was really good quality. I thought the cute bracelet she sent me was a great buy at $10.

I had my carpets cleaned last week and the technician told me that he ordered iPads for his children for Christmas at a great price.

I will say you need to know what you are buying before you purchase. Don’t think all deals are great deals. Like today when I was perusing the site, there is a Michael Kors purse for $199, and trust me it’s the same price you pay at the store. Now, the added benefit here is it is almost always free shipping, and no sales tax, so it’s cheaper in that sense, but not 30% off, as the site claims.

The tablets are a great price though. Not everyone needs an iPad. For under $100, it’s a great deal for someone who just wants to surf the internet, or a child under the age of 12 who doesn’t care about being cool yet. Or maybe that’s under the age of 10? 8? 5? Who knows these days!

So before purchasing, check the market, and make sure you are getting a good bargain, and then shop til you drop!