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Archives for May, 2014

Website of the Week: themastersuite.net

I am a huge fan of pajamas. I love nothing better than coming home and putting my pajamas on. Except when I wake up and want to just stay in my pajamas. Best. Feeling. Ever. At my core and pretty lazy, and a big ol’ slob! I love the Allison Rhea brand, and have blogged before […]

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

You are going to love me today boys and girls! We all know about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, right? And that it gets rid of marks on floors, walls, and more? Well, it’s the “MORE”, Imma gonna tell you about today! This is the driver’s seat in my car. I have used every cleaner known […]

App of the Week: Sports Alert

Here’s one for all the sports enthusiasts out there – Sports Alert is an app that will give you real live scores of all your teams. My friend Charlie loves it because he can keep up with the Texas Rangers baseball game and get live updates – without paying for the MLB app, like  my son does. […]

Consumer Cafe: Buttered Italian Shrimp

Want to put another shrimp on the bar-be? This is the easiest, yummiest recipe, perfect for a cookout or family gathering. Everyone will think you went to so much trouble! Buttered Italian Shrimp (from yummy recipes) 1 1/2 lbs of Shrimp 2 Lemons 1 1/2 Sticks of Butter 1 package of Good Seasons Italian Dressing […]