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Archives for March, 2011

Design Your Own Kleenex Box

Have you realized how much I love personalized gifts? I really love the kind I can make myself because it makes an uncreative person such as myself seem so creative! Did you know that you can design your own Kleenex box for $4.99 at http://www.mykleenextissue.com?  Well, that’s what I’m here for, to make sure you know […]

Diapers.com not just for diapers!

My brother recently told me how much he loves shopping at diapers.com. Full disclosure, he has children in diapers, I do not, and so I have no personal experience with this site. According to Bubba, diapers.com will match any price you find for the same product elsewhere if you call customer service. He found baby […]

Think Safety – Get Fire Extinguishers for Your Home

How many of you currently have a fire extinguisher in your house? How many of you have multiple fire extinguishers in your house? I hope all of you do, but if not please make sure to purchase several for your house ASAP.  I know three people who have had fires in their homes lately and […]

Zappos – not just a shoe store

Zappos.com started out on-line over ten years ago strictly selling shoes.  They have grown by leaps and bounds since then and are now owned by amazon.com. The greatest marketing tool they use is to offer free shipping for both sales and for returns. That removes any qualms you may have about buying a pair of […]