How many of you currently have a fire extinguisher in your house? How many of you have multiple fire extinguishers in your house? I hope all of you do, but if not please make sure to purchase several for your house ASAP.  I know three people who have had fires in their homes lately and luckily all got out of the house safely.  However, I also worked for a personal injury law firm and have seen many times where people do not get out so safely.  I have a fire extinguisher in my garage, kitchen, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and in a central location of the house.  If God forbid a fire broke out anywhere in my house I could quickly access a fire extinguisher.  Studies show that most people, if they have a fire extinguisher at all, keep it in the kitchen. That is of little use to you if you have a fire break out in a room farthest away from the kitchen.  Not all fires start in the kitchen.

My son recently purchased a home and I got him fire extinguishers for Christmas.  I was at his house over the weekend and guess what I found still in the boxes in his garage? I got them out and placed them all over his house, and of course nagged him a little too!

So do me a huge favor and get multiple fire extinguishers for your house.  You can find them at most home improvement stores, or order online.  Kidde is a great brand and the one I have in my home.

If you live in a two-story house, you need to get an escape ladder.  Amazon sells one for less than $35 (also Kidde brand).

While you are at it check your smoke detector batteries.  And get a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one.  You can add all these life saving safety features for less than $100.  Take care of yourself and your family.