When I was younger, I actually carried blotting tissues to absorb the oil off of my face throughout the day. I hated my shiny, glowing skin. Those days are long gone. Now I actually have to buy products to make my face look shiny and glowing. Mother Nature is a mean, cruel biotch. One change I did to give myself a more youthful glow was to switch from powder to cream blush.

My favorite is NARS Cream Blush. The above shade is Lokoum, which I use. My routine is to apply my foundation, but omit applying any powder around the cheek area. Then I apply blush and highlighter to the area (last week I told you about Sally Hansen Highlighter). The final step is to use a stippling brush over my entire face to give it a more natural blended look. I may not look 20, but it is an improvement. I’ll take whatever I can get.