Well, first, you have to start off with the Ped-Pro. See my previous post on this miracle product to get your feet all smooth and soft.

But once you do that, you can make them even softer. I use Vaseline Deep Moisture Creamy Formula on the bottoms of my feet, then put some socks on and go to bed.

I’ve waited to tell you about this glam product until it was a little cooler because every time I tell a friend about this they freak out about putting socks on their feet when they go to bed. The first time I ever had a pedicure, I was so looking forward to being pampered. Didn’t happen. My manicurist scrubbed the bottoms of my feet raw while telling me that I could not go barefoot in the house because it was the carpet fibers that were making my heels rough. Not wanting to ever go through that again, I quickly started wearing socks around the house, and then to bed with this lotion slathered on the bottom. If you still cannot stand to sleep with socks on, then at least one day a week try wearing flats or tennis shoes with socks and giving yourself a daytime treatment. You’ll thank me. You know I’m right.

I so want to hear from each of you regarding your beauty treatments.  Please share!