Well here we are six days into the new year! How are those resolutions going? Today I wanted to share one of my favorite smoothie recipes with you that I got a few years ago from the show Thintervention With Jackie Warner.

Jackie’s Famous Shake Recipe

Blend a whey protein shake every morning adding the following:  1 handful of fresh or frozen spinach (the fruit cuts the strong green flavor), 1 cup of frozen mixed berries, the recommended daily dose of flaxseed oil, amino acid powder, water, and ice.  This is packed with your allotted food before you even start your day!

Another Jackie tip:  Microwave frozen broccoli (a cup) and gulp it down like a vitamin. Think of veggies as easy-to-eat fat burners.

Another great idea when making smoothies is that you can make them ahead of time then pour them into ice cube trays or muffin tins and then pop out and run through the blender before drinking.  I find this saves me from wasting a lot of veggies. What is your favorite smoothie recipe? Please post in the comment section.