All time favorite of mine.  Probably for over 15 years I wore this as a concealer.  Then as I got older, I needed a LOT of concealer, so I started searching for something more intended as a concealer and used the Touche Eclat for what it was intended, and that is a highlighter. I will tell you that I remember distinctly one day my boss (who is a woman) being shocked that she saw two lines between my eyebrows that she had never seen before. Guess what? I had actually been running late that day and skipped putting the Touche Eclat on! I use it between the brows still to this day. I use it under the eyes but after another concealer.  So, if you are younger, try this as a concealer, and if you are a woman of a particular age, try it as either a concealer or a highlighter and see what works best for you. But whatever you do, try it! It is magic in a twist tube.

My son tells me I should drop the beauty tips because only girls in their twenties should be giving beauty tips.  Yep, those were his exact words. Let me know if you think he is right.