I have always had freckles. My mom called them angel kisses. I remember once in my 20’s, at a bar, some guy told me I was so cute. I told him I wanted to be sexy, not cute. He said that when I was 50 I would still be cute because of my freckles. Well, here I am in my 50’s, still cute. LOL. It has been a blessing in a way though because my age spots just blend in with the freckles. I of course know the difference; they are the size of quarters! Okay, maybe I exaggerate. I lived by the beach when I was in elementary and junior high age. I used to use baby oil as tanning lotion. Sunscreen? Who needed that? I remember we would use tape to put our boyfriend’s initials on our backs so when we tanned the initials t have been very good about using sunscreen in those days. I was a lifeguard and my brother and I rented floats on the beach. I don’t think I’ve ever made as much money as I did when we had our little business. And I could still save your life if you needed me to.

I’ll get to the point. You have got to protect your skin. I wasn’t so good at it when I was younger, which is probably why I have the age spots now. I have found something that seems to be getting rid of them, but I’m waiting to blog about it until I’m sure. I seem to be rambling today, sorry. So, to finally get to the point, I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer 70 SPF Sunscreen. I think they actually have a 100 SPF but I like the Ultra Sheer because it goes on great under makeup or can be used on a bare face. I’m giving you the link to amazon.com to look at it and read comments, but I think you can find it at any drugstore. I refuse to get any new age spots!

Do you use a good sunscreen? What is your favorite? Share with me in the comments section.