Aren’t these adorable? Sophia Mini Blanc de Blancs from Francis Coppola Winery. A four pack of wine in a can plus your own bendy straw for $20. I think these are cute to give out to your friends as a little sussie (they also sell individual if you can’t think of three friends and you, or four for you) for Valentine’s? If you are a wine snob this canned wine probably offends you like a box of wine does, and I apologize for my uncouthness. But if you are into cute, like me, this is a cute gift. How about a girl’s night? I’m getting a couple sets of these. I can give out to my nail tech, hairdresser, or any of my other maintenance people I will see this month. It takes a village you know. I can give to my girlfriends, and put in my guest room basket. I may even sneak these in my purse when I go see a movie with my sister. Don’t tell anyone.