Last summer a friend of mine told me about the Crystal Light Mocktails. I looked and looked but never saw them in any supermarket in my area, until recently. Boy was I excited. It’s the little things, people.

The Crystal Light Mocktails come in three flavors: Mojito, Appletini, and Margarita. So far, I have only tried the Mojito. My only complaint is that there are five packets in each container, and each packet makes two quarts. So it’s great if you have a large family but not so great if you don’t feel like making a pitcher of Mojitos. I love Mojitos, and without the liquor, this taste nothing like a Mojito. I’m sure you can add your own alcohol to the mix, but I purchased them really just as a flavor to my bottled water, hence my complaint about the large packet size. Even with that in mind, I will purchase these again because I thought the Mojito had a minty lemonade taste and found it quite refreshing. If you are counting weight watcher points, it is zero, even for the entire 40-serving packet. That’s a win in my book.