Years ago, I used to keep a disposable camera in my car, just in case I had an accident. This is what working in the legal field, and specifically personal injury, does to a person. You always want to have photos of the positions of the vehicles at the time of the accident. Unless it’s your fault of course, then forget you have tools to use.

Then came the cell phone, with a built in camera. Are you getting the picture of how old I am?

Then came the smartphone, with apps that will also help you get all the information you need at an accident scene.

I have checked a few companies and found they all have apps.



All of them cover the basic information you may need, or need to get at the scene of an accident. A few years ago I was broadsided so bad it threw me and my car over a median, through someone’s fence, and into their house. I sat there in my car and honestly, and I’m not kidding here, couldn’t even figure out how to dial 911. I was that shook up. Luckily I was just banged up, with no serious injuries. I was also lucky that I was close to the office. Since I knew my brain wasn’t working, I had a co-worker come to the scene to immediately started taking photos and getting the information I needed. Most of the time, I am the clear-headed person who can remember this stuff. Last year I was out shopping with my girlfriend and some idiot backed into her car, and then tried to act like it was her fault. I immediately went into accident scene mode and started taking pictures of the vehicles, and the position of the vehicles, so that it was clear to everyone that it was that man’s fault and not my friend. I even was so bold as to take a close up shot of his face! He was old so I wasn’t skerd!

Anyway, the point of this long story is you never know if get into an accident. God forbid it happens, just make sure you get the appropriate app with your insurance company so that it will guide you through the sorts of information you need to gather at the scene. You’ll be happy you did.