If you are male, or know a male who wants an electric razor, let me suggest the Braun Electric Shaver System. This razor comes in several “series”. The newest is the 700 series, which will run you about $200. I purchased the 500 series for my son a few years ago, and he loved it so much I bought one for my husband earlier this year, for about $150. Not only is this a great razor, that gives you a great shave, but the real beauty is the stand.

When you push a little button, it cleans the razor, and gets all those little hairs out. The gross part is that little blue thing at the bottom is a cartridge, and when it’s time to clean it you’ll know because all those little hairs are in there. Replaceable cartridges are easy to find. I just bought a two pack today for $10 at Target. You can search for the 5 series on amazon.com, or look for it at Target or Wal-Mart. It’s a great gift.