For years and years, and even more years, I have used Scrubbing Bubbles in my bathroom AND kitchen. I just like the foam and psychologically it makes me feel like the kitchen sink is cleaner when I see foam vs. 409 or any other antibacterial spray cleaner. The key here for me is ANTIBACTERIAL.

Well, Scrubbing Bubbles got the idea to launch Scrubbing Bubbles Total Kitchen.

So I purchased it in an 11 ounce spray can. The original Scrubbing Bubbles comes in a 22 ounce spray can. The ingredients are not listed so I cannot officially tell you the difference. However, I can tell you in my personal opinion there is no difference. Except price. I purchased the Total Kitchen cleaner for a dollar less than the Bathroom Cleaner. But remember, the bathroom cleaner is twice the size. So why not pay a dollar more for twice as much? Unless you just think it’s weird to use bathroom cleaner in the kitchen. Or you just don’t like Scrubbing Bubbles.  Or you never clean.

But you know when you see these guys on the commercial they are working hard for you. Whether they are in the kitchen or the bathroom.