Let me start by saying I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. (if you are old you will get that line). Nor is my friend Patti, who highly recommends Simply Saline if you are getting a cold, or sinus or allergy issues. Patti has a friend who is a nurse who swears that if you feel a cold coming on, you spray this stuff up your nose every thirty minutes or more and you will ward off a cold. If you already have a cold, the same instructions apply. Again, I am not a doctor, nor is Patti, although she does have a friend who is a nurse who recommends this stuff. Got it?

It REALLY does work. Friday night I felt a horrible cold coming on, and Patti told me to immediately start this stuff. I did, and felt really good before I went to bed. I slept really good, but woke up feeling like I had an anvil on my chest. I immediately started using it again and truly felt better within a few hours. I continued the treatment throughout the day and the cold never came back.

So, if you are sick, send someone out to go get this stuff. If you are prone to colds, run out now and get this stuff. Unless you just want to be sick, which you could still fake, but not feel as bad.