Say hello to my little friends. I love coffee. I love hot coffee in the cold months (of which I have about three in Texas) and iced coffee in the warm months.  I use the Toddy Cold Brew system to make iced coffee, but occasionally I run out and need my coffee fix. I used to have the Starbucks Iced Coffee Vias on hand, and although I like those, I like the Starbucks Bottled Iced Coffee much better. They come in 11 oz. glass bottles and I have tried all three flavors. The Vanilla did nothing for me. I love the Coffee and Milk, but when I found the Coffee and Milk Low Calorie version, I stuck to that. Let’s compare, shall we?

The low calorie version has 50 calories, compared to 110. Carbs are 5 grams on the low calorie, compared to 23 grams. Sugars on low calorie version are 3 grams vs. 21 grams. Taste? Exactly the same. Promise. And in the Weight Watchers world that I live in, the regular bottle is 3 points, and the low calorie version is 1.

These little yummy liquid treats run about $1.99 each. That seems like a lot, and I agree it is, but I don’t drink these on a regular basis and it IS cheaper than going to Starbucks.