I love these little pods from Tide! No more measuring and pouring. I simply just drop a pod into the washing machine and let it do its magic. I’ve been using the pods for over six months in both hot and cold loads and have not had any issues with any residual product left in the machine or on the clothes.

I read that you can use two pods if you have an extremely dirty load. The pods come in three scents: Ocean Mist, Spring Meadow and Alpine Breeze. I think the cost comparisons I have read make them only slightly more expensive than the liquid, and the convenience factor is worth it for me. Plus, I have no upper body strength so I like plopping a little pod vs. picking up a large full bottle of the liquid soap.

After I bought the first plastic container, pictured above, I thought I could just refill it with the pods that came in a little pouch.

Guess what? The pouch was actually more expensive than purchasing the container again? At least at my store it was.

Here is one of those things I only learned late in life, so if you have known this since you were a wee child, the rule is you are never to tell me. I like to feel smart. See the label above? Not the best example, but in trying to explain I had to find a stock photo. If you look on the shelf at your supermarket, the store always prints the cost per unit, or cost per serving size. They do this so you can compare brands to make sure you are getting the best price. An item may be cheaper in price, but if you look at the unit price, it really isn’t because there aren’t as many servings, or in the case of laundry soap, it would be units. So, when I first went to buy a refill pouch of the Tide pods, the unit price was actually cheaper getting the big plastic container again, which of course goes against my thinking of  the bag couldn’t cost as much to produce as the plastic container, so the bag has to be cheaper. Not so. The bag was the same price as the container, except the container had 72 pods, and the bag only had 60 something, but the cost was the same. Am I making sense? I sure hope so.

Anyway, back to the subject. Which in a nutshell is me likey Tide Pods. Convenient and mess free.