If you have any stainless steel appliances, you know that they look purdy, but they are awful when someone puts their little paws on them and leaves a mark.  I have tried the sprays, the special rags, etc., and can tell you that the one I love the most are the Weiman Stainless Steel WipesYou can find them with the cleaning supplies at your local supermarket.

I have discovered that if I clean my refrigerator or dishwasher panels in a circular motion with the wipes that it doesn’t leave any sort of streaks or marks. I love that I can use one wipe for both the huge french door refrigerator I own, the dishwasher, the sides of my coffee maker, AND my toaster! Leaves everything very clean and shiny! Another great thing about the Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes is that even when you get to the last one in the container, it still has enough juice on it to get the job done. I cannot tell you how many other wipe products I have used in the past that dry out before you are even close to the end of the wipes. That so irritates me!