Most tragic day. I will never forget. I watched children on the news last night who have no idea what it was really like. This is how history works. They will grow up hearing the stories, but not really knowing the fear. How scary it was. How frightened we all were. For days. For weeks. Still. Something that we in the United States thought never would happen – that we would be attacked. I still remember watching it on the Today Show as it happened, and a caller said that it looked like the first plane was heading right toward the World Trade Center on purpose, and I thought that was so ridiculous. Everything else after that was just one shock after another. I live in Texas, far away from New York. But we all were scared, and our hearts broke for everyone in New York. Watching the grieving family members on the streets days and weeks afterwards with photos of their loved ones just hoping someone knew where they were and that they wouldn’t be dead.

I also remember the firefighters. Going into the buildings. Knowing they would probably die doing their jobs. And they did.

What heroes. I will never forget.