If you don’t already have any Silicone Basting Brushes, then you need some STAT.  I’m so old that I started out with the bristle basting brushes, that after one or two uses was completely ruined, and I always wondered about the germs. You know, because I’m a germaphobe. Was it really clean and sanitary? Then I went to the mop basting brush, which was even ickier after a few uses. I’ve now had nothing but the silicone basting brushes for years, and am so happy! They work great! I use them to baste the turkey, and other cooking requirements, like spreading melted butter on something. They are also great for basting steaks or chicken or whatever you have on the grill with your own special sauces. And, the most important thing – and I want you to pay attention – is that they are dishwasher safe, come out completely sanitized, and hold up. Forever. Mine still look brand new and I know I’ve had them for over seven years.

So, go on, go getcha’ some! You can really find them at any supermarket or superstore, but I’ve given you a link above for amazon.com, which is always my go-to store.