Looks just like Santa, right? The Fake Call From Santa app allows you to pretend you have Santa on the phone with you. There really isn’t anyone there.  So it’s fake, but fun and free! It does ring (with a sleigh bell ringtone) so as long as the child doesn’t pull the phone from your ear you are safe.


And his picture shows up like he is calling you! I think I could have fun with some of my friends with this!


From the developer:

Please note: Santa only “calls” and DOES NOT ACTUALLY TALK.

***A free app to help you, help your kids behave all year long. Just take this fake call from Santa to remind your kids Santa is watching and even calling. Please note that Santa only calls and DOES NOT ACTUALLY TALK. So don’t let your kids try to speak to Santa through this app.

Load the app, hit “Start” when you’re ready to have Santa call you and then pretend you’re talking to Santa.

Sample use to encourage good behavior:

Parent: I love how you’re behaving so good today and Santa likes it too.
Kids: (Smile)
Parent: (Load the app) Oh look Santa is calling me, let’s see what he says. Hi, Santa, yes the kids are being good and you’ll bring them lots of presents if they keep being good? Perfect.

Sample use to deter bad behavior:

Kids: (Fighting over toys)
Parent: Stop fighting because Santa is watching.
Kids: What did you say?
Partner: (Load the app) Oh look Santa is calling. Hi Santa, yes the kids are being bad. You’re not going to bring them presents if they keep fighting? Ok, I’ll tell them….
Kids: (Stunned)