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Website of the Week: kiavaclothing.com

If you are looking for some cute workout/yoga/exercise/whatever floats your boat clothing, Kiava has some really cute stuff, and the prices are great! Sorry guys, they only sell women’s clothing, but hey, there are millions of sites that only sell men’s so let’s call it even, k? I love their Endurance Bra. Actually, it’s the […]

Website of the Week: thetiebar.com

My son asked for ties and socks from thetiebar.com for Christmas. He’s dapper that way. I of course was immediately overwhelmed, and purchased a gift card there instead. I’m not dapper. But I do love their merchandise and pricing, so I wanted to share with you, whether you are a man looking for an online store […]

Bottle Sponge With Handle

Here is an example of how sad and boring my life is. See that bottle sponge brush? I found it at the Dollar Tree last week. You know, where everything is a dollar? So I stocked up. This may seem insignificant to you, but stick with me folks. These things used to be in every […]

Website of the Week: lazyone.com

I found these adorable flip flops at a supermarket by my house! I love them so much and I went back to get more as gifts and they were all gone. So I found them on line. I’m smart like that! Lazyone.com not only carries these adorable flip flops (which they call spa slippers), but also […]