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Archives for January, 2013

Consumer Cafe: Weight Watchers 1 Point Potato Soup

This is a Weight Watchers recipe I have used for over ten years. It’s great to have on hand for when you are hungry but out of points. But it’s also yummy good for when you just want some warm soup. I have a friend who swears by this soup in her weight loss journey. The […]

Glam Alert: Venus Built-In Shave Gel Razor

Have you gotten the memo about this? There is now a line of Razors that have the shaving gel built in. Now it is super SUPER easy for me to shave in the shower. Before the water in the shower would make the gel run off before I could finish. The Venus Built-In Shave Gel […]

Website of the Week: etsy.com For Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love me some Etsy. I’ve blogged about Etsy before. It is an online shopping site where talented artists can sell their wares. Or crafts. Or clothes. Or vintage items. The possibilities are endless. Today I thought I would focus on Valentine gifts from Etsy. Love this wreath from Privileged Door. Or a cute tshirt for […]

Thinner Digital Scale

If you are still keeping your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, may I suggest the line of Thinner Digital Scales. I have had mine for over 10 years and it is STILL accurate. It weighs me the same as the doctor’s office and Weight Watchers. I love the digital scales so much better than […]