I got some really great deals in December at shoes.com, and then I realized I had never blogged about this site before. I have previously blogged about zappos.com. And although I do love Zappos, I love shoes.com even more. And here’s why.

First, shoes.com is on Ebates. Ebates was one of my very first posts on this blog. If you don’t know about Ebates, please go back and read that post. I don’t order anything online without first going through Ebates. Shoes.com is normally 8.5 percent cash back on Ebates. Sometimes it is as much as 20 percent cash back, and that is when I strike. I got an adorable pair of boots for myself in December, when Ebates was 20 percent cash back, and shoes.com had 25% off sale on everything on the site. Cha-ching.

Then, hubby wanted some new shoes. Now I don’t know about you and shoes, but his shoes are way more expensive than my shoes. So we went on shoes.com, and they were still having the 25% off sale, plus the Ebates at 20% cash back, and I even found a coupon code for even more off. I purchased two pair of shoes for him and saved over $140 by going through Ebates, and purchasing them on shoes.com, with the sale they were offering and the coupon code.

Now, I will let you in on a little secret. Zappos has videos on every shoe they sell. If I find a shoe I like on shoes.com, I go to zappos.com and watch the video so I can actually see the shoe in action. So between that and reading the reviews on both sites, it’s easy to decide if it is a good deal. And just like zappos.com, shoes.com offers free shipping, and free return shipping. That is a very smart feature in ordering a shoe because most people really don’t know if they will like a shoe until they try it on.

Shoes.com carries all major brands. I hope you check it out and add shoes.com to your list of go-to sites.